Car washing is generally related to high volume quick service centres that focus on quantity over quality. Car detailing is an art, with critical attention to detail to ensure every inch of the car is cleaned to a premium state in the safest way possible.

Our paint correction process permanently removes defects from the surface of the paint by using professional-grade equipment and products to ensure optimal results every time. We also include a sealant that provides protection and assists in protecting the painted surfaces.
Graphene is a carbon-based nano-particle substance that is derived from Graphite. Graphene coatings offer unrivalled chemical resistance, UV protection, hydrophobic and slickness with self-healing capabilities and a hardness scale of 10H and a water contact angle of 125 degrees - meaning water "falls" off the paint quicker.
Several steps are required prior to application of the coating, these steps include decontamination, paint correction and cleaning of the surface. This is to ensure a strong bond is formed between the surface and the coating, which essentially leads to the maximum longevity of the coating, in addition, the curing time and environmental conditions after the application is also crucial, which is why it normally takes two days to complete this service.
Hot Water Extraction is an intense method of shampooing carpets, fabrics and upholstery using commercial grade equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals. It is the most effective way of removing stains and refreshing applicable surfaces.
OZONE treatment is used to kill bacteria and odours permanently from most surfaces within the interior of the car. A machine is used to create ozone that is then cycled through your cars air conditioning system, killing bacteria, odours, and mould at the source.
Yes we do, this is mainly offered for our detailing services. Our paint correction and paint protection services are normally completed at our location due to the time, a controlled environment, and conditions that achieve the best results.